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Welcome to the OFFICIAL web site of Apollo 11... The band.

We hope that you find this site both useful and entertaining at the same time. We strive to do just that, not only on this web site, but also in our music, our album recordings and our live shows. "We'll sell you the whole ticket, but you'll only need the edge."

Our new Album Maximizing Prophets has finally arrived.




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Mike G.

Dark Maruso

Al Klaus


This is where you'll find any new news about the band
We have a couple of shows coming up next month.. be sure to check our Shows page for further information
October 22nd: Just a reminder, we have our new CD Maximizing Prophets out AND its for sale!! Its a modest sum of $12-
You can send an e-mail to any of the band members or our label USED Records via the e-mail links just above, and we'll see what we can do to help you. Thanks a ------- bunch, we're Apollo 11!
October 15th: Our CD Release/Used Records launch party was a huge success last night at Shakago's in Springfield, MA. With such a great turnout, it was easy for us to get hyped up and give a 110%. As for that, we want to thank all of our Apollo 11 fans for the support through the entire 6 month process of recording, mixing, mastering and duplication.
   USED Records was in full effect and our street team did a fantastic job of getting out there and getting it done (and of course the after party was a blast too!)
   Thanks go out to Matt of Shakago's for giving us the space and the door we needed to pull off this huge undertaking. We do our best to not just "play a gig" as much as we try to give you an event, and Shakago's was the place to have it and we look forward to many more shows there.

Here it is!! If you don't have the new CD of Apollo 11 Maximizing Prophets, here is a 3 song snippet featuring sections from the songs: Maximizing Prophets, Someday's Wander and STAT.

 Don't forget to stop in and check our upcoming shows page!!---> SHOWS


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