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All About Apollo 11
Everything you want...or need to know about us.

We hail from Montague, MA and are a three piece band that have been playing music together since 1999. Our current line-up has been playing together for 2 years.

     Over the past decade Apollo 11 has seen many changes in it's members... well, most notably, our bass players. This band has seen somewhere around 6 different bass players. Our current line-up is Mike Glazier on drums, vocals and scratches. Al Klaus is on guitars and vocals, and Dark Maruso on bass and vocals. Mike and Al have played together the entire time. From their inception as N.C.D (Nuclear Cut-up Dolls) to the "new band" of Apollo 11. Dark has played with Al and Mike on 2 other occasions. The first time was right before he joined the then local band of Symposium (With Chad Kuzontkoski of Under Falling Skies as rhythm guitar and occasional screams). After Symposium broke up in 1995, Dark joined with Mike again in a side project of Those Guys (with Matt Foster and Pat Martineau of Tempered Sun). After recording a few songs (sans vocals), Mike and Dark joined back up with Al and formed what is now Apollo 11.

     After about 6 months of playing together Apollo 11 picked up a 2nd bass player to play stand-up bass. The new and unique sound of Apollo 11 was formed. 2 bass players had never been thought of at the time and we're still not sure if anyone else has done this as well.

     Unfortunately, as things do happen, Dark left the band (for the 2nd time) due to personal reasons outside of the band. Mike, Al, and Zev Riser continued on by moving to Boston, MA and played numerous shows in that area before finally moving back to Western Mass to find it's "roots" again.

     After a 3 year hiatus, Dark rejoined the band in 2004 after Zev quit and moved on to different things. We consider this line-up to be not only the original line-up but the best one also. So, after 2 years, Apollo 11 has honed their sound farther and better than ever before.

     With a mix of different sounds (rock, funk, jazz, and even a touch of Latin), and a mix of different influences (Afghan Whigs, Suicidal Tendencies, Tool, a hint of Incubus, and anything politically Incorrect), Apollo 11 strives to push the envelope and possibly push a few buttons along the way.

     So here we are. Apollo 11 has 'rocketed' it's way to where it is today. Please hit up our band links page and our shows page. Come and see us play, see us sing, see us doing what it is we love to do... play fun music.

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